pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Wednesday 14th January 2004
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The upper half of the Carpark run by the Sheiling Tow, narrow but complete.

105 like the Traverse has great pisted dry fresh snow.

Access to the Lady is by the M1 SideTrack under the Track below the tunnel. Filled well at top, but if you think the upper SideTrack is awsome and easy, it's steeper and half this width low down!

Coire Cas Gunbarrel from the Carpark Run, notice burn is waiting...

Skier gathers speed to beat the head wind on the Traverse, lovely snow here.

Boarder heads for the Traverse early in the morning.

Looking down the Burnside of the Carpark Run to the Daylodge.

The upper Cas has improved, but still quite narrow, take care at the crossover, there's only one machine width, and thats the tow track!

Loch Morlich again from the 105.

Piste Signage at top of Gunbarrel, Loch Morlich in distance.

Looking under the Funicular from M1 SideTrack to Lady.

The Ptarmigan Bowl, excellent nursery areas.

A big kicker above the Ptarmigan Tow appears through the drifting snow!

Ciste Fairway early in the morning. Lovely snow, good for warming up.

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Wednesday morning saw some bright sunny spells and light snow showers, generally good visibility out with showers, but sometimes becoming poor in showers due to heavy drifting as the wind picked up. All in all a fairly similar day is expected on Thursday, perhaps a further lowering of Wind speeds.

Generally good surface conditions, but the base is hard and where this is exposed there will be some icy patches, generally they are few and far between, but the Gunbarrel which is still very banked is generally hard packed, good edges make a world of difference here! Zig Zags complete to the foot of the Cas Tow, but the link from the middle leg back to the Gunbarrel/M1 is broken. Generally on the middle runs the cover is still fairly narrow in bits, but the snow is good, reminiscent of early 2001 in this respect.

Up top in the Ptarmigan Bowl there is excellent nursery areas on pisted packed powder, Fairway also good, nice snow on the Gully Side, but narrow lower down. On the lower slopes the Carpark run is complete and skiable back to the Daylodge via the Burnside.

<b><u>Weekend Outlook</u></b>
(Updated Thursday 15th)

Staying cold through Friday and Saturday, but milder air may reach during Sunday. Friday and Saturday promise fairly light winds, mainly dry with good sunny spells, and just the chance of an occasional snow shower. Good overhead conditions, and good surface conditions on the runs means it shaping up to be a good weekend for January. Carpark Tow and Fiacaill Ridge Poma are almost there and hopefully on or other will be usable at the weekend for access. Ciste Gully is complete, but there are a few holes lower down.
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