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CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 31st January 2004
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Mid section of Coire Cas, best snow at the weekend on Fiacaill Side of up-track!

Heavy icing on the West Wall Poma.

Carving up the M2 on route to the Base Station.

Daylodge run had the best snow Saturday, but narrow and gettin bumpy.

Lower Traverse banked out, exit right to avoid the mayhem!

Boarder jams on the anchors at the Top of the Traverse.

Some nice snow below the Traverse provided the option to exit right and avoid the flat bit. The Traverse might explain the relatively short lift queues on Sat for the number of people!!

Lower Ciste from the M2. Heavy drifting has filled in the fence line of the Aonach Ridge, the route to the Ciste Carpark from the top of the Daylodge Poma. (Fence line just left of centre in the photo on the ridge.)

Heavy drifting gives poor visibilty, and an icy scoured top section on the Traverse. Mayhem Zone on Saturday!

The longer of two rails situated on the middle of Coire Cas.

The Coire Cas Gunbarrel, complete but still quite narrow and very banked, esp narrow at the foot of the tow.

The Zig Zags much improved cover generally full width, just the corners of the 2nd leg still thin and narrow.

Good nursery areas in the Top Basin.

Looking down the Ciste Fairway.

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The blizzards mid-week improved the conditions and cold temperatures maintained the quality of the fresh dry snow, so there was some good sport on machine packed powder, with fresh windblown powder on top on the open terrain. However there were also some icy patches where the changing wind direction had scoured the runs down to the icy hardpack below.

There were a few icy patches on the Fairway and Coire Cas, but the most afflicted was the top of the Traverse as strong winds left this area largely scoured and icy. However it was worth the effort as the main section of the has some really nice snow, plus several possible lines to drop off and miss out the flat section by taking a straight line onto the 105. Best to go straight across the 105 onto the Cas, cross the Tow Track and into the boulder field, between the up and down lines, this has being holding better snow than the main piste. Zig Zags complete, good apart from the corners of the 2nd leg.

Best run on Saturday was on the Fiacaill Traverse, and the Fiacaill run (Terrain Park side), smooth packed powdery snow and no icy patches at all. The terrain park doesn’t have enough depth, so a couple of rails have been set by the Cas Tow.

For a longer run the M2 is in pretty good nick, and actually the best snow on the mountain is on the Daylodge Poma, but it’s unpisted, narrow in places, and very bumpy due to heavy drifting, only for the experts, but the snow was great!

These pics by Winterhighland.
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