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CairnGorm Mountain // Wednesday 18th February 2004
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It shouldn't happen to an instructor! The Gunbarrel notches up another victim!

Skiers ponder the next pride threatening move in the Gunbarrel! Icy and narrow, sharp edges required!

Getting away from it all in the Cairngorms....

Cas Tow offloading just above the Cross-over.

Cas Tow doing it's stuff on Wednesday, loading at top of Gunbarrel.

Loch Morlich from Coire Cas.

The Gunbarrel has a few suprises for the unwary, very narrow in the middle. Snow is very hard, take care!

Watch the top, for about 20yards at the top of the M1 Race Tracks, the cover has been patched up, small stones have got mixed up in the snow, if you value your bases, jump off and walk!

The Traverse and 105 has the nicest snow on the mountain, great loose spring snow giving a good run once on the Traverse proper.

View from the Top of the Traverse.

Views up the Ciste Fairway. Beware of going off the base, very thin cover where the base is lacking.

The Top Basin has a fresh covering ontop of the hard-packed base, has improved surface conditons.

Dusting of fresh glistens in the blazing sun from the Loch Morlich Beach.

Welcome to the Mayhem Zone...

Looking up the Mid Section of Coire Cas.

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A prefect blue sky, flat clam, and unbroken blazing sunshine, Thursday promises more of the same, so don't forget the sun cream and remember your shades, you will need them! Still only limited terrain with the Top Basin, and the Traverse, Cas, Gunbarrel route available, but the inch or so of fresh snow which fell early on Tuesday morning has freshened up the runs a bit and given some more loose snow to cover the hard packed base, however it is icy where scrapped areas develop, so sharpen those edges.

The best snow is to be found on the Traverse and 105, great loose spring snow on Wednesday, and the 105 is generally still full width. Watch the top of the Traverse where it veers left from the M1, there is about a 20m section which has got very rocky with stones mixed up in the snow, making them just about unavoidable, better to hop off and carry your planks to the other side.

Up Top the Ciste Fairway and the Ptarmigan Bowl are complete, though fairly narrow in places, but there is still ample nursery areas. The terrain park at the top of the Ptarmigan Tow has 5 rails and two kickers.

The Cas is narrow but has spring snow on a base of gripy hardpack, and generally quieter than up top thanks to the Gunbarrel scaring people! It's narrow, it's banked, and like it has been all this winter it's very hard, not many are getting down with out another Gunbarrel story/bruise to add to their collection!! Alternatively head for the Zig Zags, good on the top leg, but the snow runs out on the second so walking is required to return to the funicular.

These pics by Winterhighland.
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