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CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 4th March 2004
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This Zig has Zagged! Zig Zags almost gone after top leg.

Making tracks on the Fiacaill, narrow, but nice firm windpacked snow, provides a change of scenary.

Heading off for a day's touring, via the Fiacaill Ridge.

Skier risking the Gunbarrel! Slightly less icy, but still as narrow, see previous 'Gorm pics.

Another Blue Sky Morning.... On the Traverse which is the best run on the mountain.

Traverse and upper 105 viewed from Fiacaill Traverse.

The upper leg of the Zig Zags is in good shape, and looks much more inviting than the Gunbarrel...

...but don't be fooled, after the first leg the snow all but runs out and getting back to the Gunbarrel/M1 is getting tricky.

Looking up the Cas, now complete to the top again. Good roller at the mid-point where the hill road crosses the run due to lack of depth!

Middle section of Coire Cas, still bare ground between run and up-track. Cas has improved but still narrow and lacking usual depth.

Looking down the Traverse which is loaded to the Cas Tow, and top of 105 where the Army were racing.

The Top of the Traverse filled in well with last weeks snow and further drifting and is full width and much improved.

Ciste Fairway is in good shape also, but the Gully side of the Ciste (in pic) is still fairly narrow but complete again.

Ptarmigan Bowl is much improved, wider cover, with excellent nursery areas, both routes from top of Ptarmigan Tow available.

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The overall terrain available remains unchanged despite last weeks snow, but the open terrain has improved, with limited but good sport in the Top Basin, and down the Traverse which remains the best run. Coire Cas is fully complete from top to bottom and has generally improved, though it remains narrow by it's standards, and the Gunbarrel as it has been for several weeks is somehow complete, but has to be skied to be believed! However it wasn't quite has solid on Thursday as it was last week, and it is still just possible to miss out half of it via the Zig Zags.

Chickening out and using the M1 poma via the Zig Zags allows the Gunbarrel to be avoided, but the 2nd leg of the Zig Zags is only just hanging in there with narrow strips of snow, the Gunbarrel is the better option for competent skiers and boarders. Approach the M1 loading area with care, there is not complete cover on to the Tow.

In summary, limited terrain but good sport at the top, with excellent nursery areas available in the Ptarmigan Bowl. The Terrain park is situated at the top of the Ptarmigan Tow and has two kickers and six rails in total. Rails range from a 24ft kinked rail for experts to a wide and easy low rail for those just starting out on such things. See last weeks pics for photos of the rails, location/rails as before.

These pics by Winterhighland.
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