pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 26th March 2004
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Looking up the top leg of the Zig Zags.

Beyond the second leg, the third leg is a bit thin, and the forth is getting patchy, but can link back to Gunbarrel from second leg
this misses out more than half the Gunbarrel and still allows access to M1 Poma.

Looking up from the mid-section of the Cas, still not very wide, but good spring snow, best surface conditions on Friday.

Looking down towards the top of the Gunbarrel on the Cas, best sport on Friday, granular spring snow.

Some re-building work on the Funpark this afternoon, difficult to see what with the mist, but this rail has appeared right by the get off point of the Ptarmigan.

The Ciste Gully, pretty good cover reported for most of run, apart from 1 problem hole just above the boardwalks. Might be avoidable, but would be worth it anyway for a good run.

Good wide base on the upper Lady, the gradient helped counter the Sticky snow giving better sport for Experts. Run narrows below mid-point, just possible to traverse to M1, but perhaps better to ski out to Sheiling. Surface conditions should improve with

Upper Lady looking under the Funicular to the M1 SideTrack. Access via M1 Side Track from Top Station, or via the link from the Lady Tow top to the top of Traverse. Lady Luck also useable, but the direct route by T-bar is not.

Good nursery areas in the Bowl, though snow sticky & heavy Friday, surface conditions should like the Cas improve with use over weekend.

Sun makes a brief apperance as the mist suddenly clears in Ptarmigan Bowl. Overnight snow, then rain give sticky snow up top.

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