pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Wednesday 31st March 2004
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Cas Gunbarrel getting scraped at the bottom, still ok above M1.

Another day for the Suncream and Shades on the 'Gorm...

The funicular heads up the White Lady from the Lady burn.

Blue Sky Storm! M1 SideTrack is unforunately a piste to nowhere. Good wide cover to mid-point of Lady, then virtually nothing. Need some means of using uplift from around the elephant fences back up.

Piste signage on the M1 SideTrack, an alternative route to the Traverse. Link from Ciste Tow by Top of Lady Tow on downside of Ptarmigan Restaurant to Traverse is complete.

Looking down the Ciste Bowl, to the Tow and Fairway.

A busy Ptarmigan Bowl!

Plenty of space for learning in the Ptarmigan Bowl. Superb nursery areas when the snow is soft spring snow. Firming up overnight at present.

Looking up the Traverse from one of the escape points! Still possible to bail here and take a direct line to the 105, much needed today as the Southerly Tail winds, became a head wind here!

Top section of the Traverse, full width between fences. Traverse is in good shape all the way to Cas Tow.

Looking over Northern Corries from the Traverse, by Top M1 Race Track. M1 snowless bottom third, up-track hanging in there so far.

Ciste Fairway largely full-width. Good rollers for getting air off with the tail wind today, which also allowed some high speed carving on this gentle green!

Still good wide cover on the Traverse from top of Ptarmigan Tow. Direct route also complete.

Ciste Tow doing it's stuff Wednesday afternoon.

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A fine afternoon on the 'Gorm with largely blue skies, and some good spring snow once the surfaces softened around the middle of the day. A StormForce South Easterly gusting to 86mph at the top provided a screaming tail wind which meant while it might be the flattest thing on the mountain, the Ciste Fairway was providing the best sport, with high speed carving and serious air of the rollers!!

Temperatures have dropped back below freezing, snow will start Thursday hard-packed as has been the case each day this week. Once things soften off despite the fairly limited terrain some great spring snow sport on the available runs.

Today's pics from CairnGorm Mountain by Winterhighland.
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