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CairnGorm Mountain // Tuesday 6th April 2004
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The last 100yds of so of the Gunbarrel after the M1 loading area is a bit of a slalom course!

Looking over to the M1 Poma, the uptrack of which is complete and filling.

Looking up the Gunbarrel, fairly banked again, snow is softer at this level, firm underneath. GB is ok above M1 access.

Looking down the top section of the upper Cas from the tow terminal, improved width and depth again. Few inches fresh snow.

The 'view' down the traverse, the drift patterns behind the fence was the most interesting view of the day!!

Skiers in the mist, looking up the Ptarmigan Tow. Notice tow track fence mostly buried!

Boarder passes some spectators outside near the Ptarmigan, good cover in the bowl, with improving width and depth. Excellent nursery areas.

Skidoos outside Base 4 at the Ciste Tow as another snow shower comes in. Lovely fresh dry snow at the top, pity about the visibility.

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Heavy snow showers through Tuesday gave another couple of inches above the mid-station, and a cosmetic dusting down to Daylodge Level. Snow is dry and powdery up in the Ptarmigan Bowl,
becoming wetter and a bit sticker down towards the Gunbarrel. Cas is fully complete, but the last section of the Gunbarrel from the M1 loading point down to the Cas Gantry is a bit ropey,
narrow and thin. Between the top of the Gunbarrel and the Crossover on the Cas, watch out for rocks crossing from the up-track side to the run side, as there is no base between the two, and the fresh snow means it's not always obvious where the base ends!

Good nursery areas in the Ptarmigan Bowl with pisted dry fresh snow. Runs are filling in more up top and width and depth is improving, but watch out for rocks on the RHS of the Ciste Fairway, stick closer to the left hand side where the base is thicker, new snow is hiding some rocks where the base is lacking. For terrain park pics, select Sunday's photos from the links at the foot of the page.

Today's pics by Winterhighland.
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