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CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 8th April 2004
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Another Gunbarrel moment in the making....

The Top Leg of the Zig Zags which are fully complete and full width.

What happened next?

Lady, M1 and Coire Cas from the Carpark Run, the cloud lifts as the lifts shut! Fresh snow is superfical below mid-station.

Heading for home... the brave, the impatient and those on hire kit tackle the Carpark Run. Just doable with caution by good skiers/boarders Thursday.

Looking down the 2nd leg of the Zig Zags, just missed the train, so back up the Cas it is!

Boarder gets air off a drift on the 2nd Zig Zag, much more air than the pic shows, but these digi cams are a bit slow.....

The mid-section of the Gunbarrel from the 105, unpisted freshies right to the bottom through the M1 loading area to the train.

Meanwhile back up top, still snowing!! Looking over the West Wall Poma to the Fairway.

Looking down onto the Carpark run from the mid-station.

Looking up the Gunbarrel from the approach to the M1 Poma.

Skiers pause on the lower leg of the Zig Zags, full cover back to the Cas. Mid Link to M1/Gubarrel also complete.

More snow falling at the Top Station, all Top Basin runs in good shape.

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The fresh snow over recent days means improved cover on the upper and mid-mountain, and there is now very good cover on the Top Basin runs which are full width with superb areas for lower abilities in the Ptarmigan Bowl, the Ciste Tow providing a couple of longer green runs. Poor visibility limited the photos from the upper mountain unfortunately.

The Traverse is in great shape, with a good depth and all routes onto the Cas from the Traverse and 105 are complete. The top of the Cas is much improved in both width and cover and both sides of the Tow are skiable. Gunbarrel is banked though OK except the final 100yards below the M1 Poma which is thin and narrow. Zig Zags are fully complete and full width back to the Mid Station
for Gunbarrel avoidance, and along with the traverse provide a long easy route back to the middle.

Some have been attempting the White Lady and M1, the upper Lady is in good shape having held on to a fairly good base, below the mid-point along the fence line back towards the mid-station, the base is lacking, and it's reported to be doable, but rather rocky. The Fiacaill Traverse
is complete, and this gives a couple of other options for a change of scenery. In addition to the terrain park there's a rail on the middle of Coire Cas, and has been re-shaped with a new ramp.

Today's pics by Winterhighland.
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