pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 12th April 2004
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Ptarmigan Bowl still has plenty of space for learning. Good time to try a new snowsport!

Looking down the Traverse, still in good shape!

Two planks on a rail... painful when it goes wrong!

Looking down the Gunbarrel, slightly banked further down, complete to just below M1 Poma, last 100yards breaking. Cas uptrack broken at bottom, fine from GB up for loading above Gunbarrel.

An abondoned and deserted Coire Cas, looking down the mid section from the Cross Over. Best snow on the mountain. Cas wired up for above Gunbarrel Loading but not in use.

Upper Cas, like the Traverse, loose pisted Spring Snow! Some bare bits left side of fence, run right side still fine at top.

The Traverse is full width with a good depth, various routes onto Cas, but exit 105 before the last exit to Gunbarrel.

The upper Traverse full width between the fences, less sticky than Top Basin and pisted!

A sign of the times... say no more...

Ciste Bowl has a couple of narrower areas, but mostly a fairly good width.

A group of skiers wait at the top of the Ptarmigan Tow!

Plenty of white stuff at the Top of the Ptarmigan Tow still, both routes complete.

A selection of rails of lengths, and heights, including low box rail for starting out on.

The two kickers and one of the longer rails in the Terrain park.

There's a couple of fairly sizeable kickers for doing things like this on....

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A very mixed day on the Weather front with a bit of everything thrown in, got hailed on, snowed on, mist came down, sun came out, then got soaked at 4pm! Typical!!

Fresh wet snow made for a slow sticky surface in the Top Basin on Monday, fairly heavy surface conditions, really needs to be subjected to a good freeze/thaw cycle or two, to break the snow down into granular crystals of spring snow.

Still ample nursery areas in the Top Basin, good for learning with the soft snow. Terrain park has a selection of rails and two fairly sizeable kickers. Best snow on the mountain is on the Traverse and Coire Cas, less sticky becoming spring snow lower down.

Alas, at the Top Station, netting blocks the direct route to the Top of the Traverse and Coire Cas. No M1 Poma, No Coire Cas, and No Mid Station Stops, No good!!!

Thanks to George Paton for some of the days pics, others by Winterhighland.
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