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CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 18th April 2004
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That's all folks!! Heading for home... into the Gunbarrel one last time.

That's just about it then... Coire Cas's final fling of 2004.

Boarders head for the Cas on the 105 from the Traverse.

resh snow on the Traverse but stickier than up top where the new snow was fairly dry.

No... Your not getting past till I get my camera back!

Boarder appears from the mist in the Ptarmigan Bowl, much better surface conditions than Saturday.

Ciste Track and Fairway were filling in nicely, kinda typical that is!

Fresh snow outside the Ptarmigan for the last day. We've only just beat 2003, that doesnt say much!

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It wasn't T-shirt skiing in the spring sunshine, but a goggles and face mask day with January weather for CairnGorm Mountains final day of the 2004 ski season, needless to say it snowed all day long, some good build up of fresh snow on the steeper pitch of the Ptarmigan Bowl,
and behind the fences on the Ciste which was filling in nicely! CairnGorm should shut for the season more often!!

The wind though was significantly less than on Saturday, and this allowed the board comp to go ahead in the Terrain Park, we did try taking some pics, but a white-out does not make for an interesting photo!

That's it for the 2004 snowsports season, but if your prepared to hike, or have touring kit there is still snow within the area and esp. beyond the area where cover on the plateau and over the back of the mountain is much better than in the ski area. Within the area the upper 2/3rds of the Ciste Gully remains complete, those with touring kit can ski it, then skin out or vice versa, but always be on the look out for week spots above the burn, these snowbridges melt from both sides and may be a considerable height above the ground.

Still fairly extensive cover on the plateau, and improving on Sunday! Coire Cas was skiable but very narrow and thin on Sunday, but you could get up/down from the about the M1 Poma in the Gunbarrel.

Today's pics by Winterhighland.
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