pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 30th April 2004
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Top Station direction sign near top of Ciste Tow.

Top section of the Ptarmigan Tow Track.

now fencing on the Ptarmigan Tow!

Looking down the Ptarmigan Track. No T-Bars. Sigh....

Piste signs at the Ciste Tow Track Crossover from the Top Station into the Bowl.

The Ptarmigan Traverse.

Piste signage at the top of the 105, hard going on foot, touring skis would have been a good idea!

After a while it became obvious that this Ptarmigan too was walking round in circles in the mist.....

The Traverse remains fully complete, provides a route up for those with touring kit!

Looking up the 105 on Friday, this was as good as the view got after the Zig Zags.

Ground Repair and reinstatment work on the lower Zig Zags. In time the vegetation instead
of full width track should reduce the loose gravel that causes the gritty snow problems on the Zig Zags.

T-Bars on the Cas Gantry, all visible lifts stripped, including Ptarmigan Tow!

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Two weeks have passed since CairnGorm closed for the season, something more than just annoying for season ticket holders who had been
making use of the Top Basin, and for those who were using the terrain park. Mid-week it started snowing again, quite a bit of
fresh snow actually, close on 30cm of foot penetration into the fresh on the Traverse on Friday. During Friday the FL level
rose somewhat, and the thin covering of snow that lower on the mountain thawed, but soft fresh snow is lying from the upper 105 up,
and for anyone heading up touring, the Traverse remains fully complete for skinning up.

Very poor visibility prevented any decent photos higher up, and also kept hidden from view a noisy Ptarmigan which managed to make fresh tracks 3feet uphill
from me on the Traverse while I was peering along it's tracks on the downhill side of me into the mist!! Ciste Tow track
and Fairway filling well at the top, unsure about lower down the Ciste, but should have been filling given snow level reached the 105.
Ptarmigan Bowl wide cover of fresh snow on the spring snow base, uptrack and run both fully complete, fences mostly buried by Tow and Traverse from

Today's pics by Winterhighland.
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