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Glencoe // Monday 28th December 2020
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Full moon and clear skies this evening!

Heading down Red Access Run, Carnage Corner is a bit interesting but the full length can be done with skis on (nae the ones you got for Christmas though)!

Minus 3 at dusk, temperature has been up and down as inversion layers shift around this evening.

Top half of the Red Access Run has reasonable snow though the skiable line is narrow in places.

Moving the snowfactory output onto the Coire Pollach Tow Track.

View up Old Mugs Alley on Monday afternoon.

Sledge Park had a reasonable turn out on Monday, please pre book your chairlift tickets.

The cafe fork of Old Mugs Alley has been groomed. Some machine work done around the Plateau, but still need a bit more snow and/or drifting to open uplift.

Plateau Poma Run is thin but not that far away from being able to run the tow.

Looking up Meall a' Bhuiridh from the Access Return path/run.

High hazy cloud and some sunny spells on Monday after 4-5 inches of new snow overnight.

Heading up the Access Chair, can get all the way down with skis on, but calling it entirely skiable might be stretching it a bit!

Fresh tracks on the dry ski slope at the bottom of the Access Chair.

Possible to skin the full way up the hill track from the Carpark to top of the Access Chair. Lower 3 legs of the road skiable with care, but further up is scoured.

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Around 4-5 inches of snow fell at the base of the Access Chair on Sunday evening, slightly more up on the mountain. A fair few tourers were up the hill today and some of the more intrepid ones managed the full 2400ft of vertical from the summit to the carpark!

There are options for those prepared to hike on the upper mountain on Happy Valley and the Main Basin, but not yet enough snow to join anything up nor operate the Main Basin T-bar. Less snow mid-mountain, but a number of people were coming down the Wall.

The overnight snow fell in light winds, but the Plateau area runs are not far from being skiable for lift served snowsports if a bit thin. The snow factory is making snow on the Coire Pollach Uptrack currently. Watch this space.

With care it is possible to ski to the base off the Access Chair. There is enough snow to skin up the full length of the haul road, but the top half is quite scoured, the road really only becomes skiable on the bottom two legs. Weasel Gully could probably be done on a snowboard, but on skis was a nightmare. The Red Access Run is complete and fully skiable if a bit combat in places, but Carnage Corner is a bit erm interesting and would benefit from some more ski traffic!

Just a few more snow showers or a bit of drifting could get the Plateau area up and running for lift served snowsports. Fingers crossed!
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