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Glencoe // Monday 4th January 2021
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The we will get one more run brigade on a very thin and icy Weasel Track! (OK so we did it too, since we seem to have a while to fix our downhill skis)

End of the day, for now lift served riding at dusk on Monday.

Looking up the Low Road and the new Rannoch Chairlift that was delayed by the spring lockdown.

Heading down the Access Return from the Plateau Cafe to the Access Chair.

Heading up to grab some final turns after the afternoon announcement from Holyrood.

Plateau Poma doing it's thing late on Monday afternoon.

Looking up Meall a' Bhuiridh from the Plateau Poma.

Stunning weather and views early afternoon.

Looking down the Happy Valley narrows.

Looking out over Rannoch Moor from Mugs Alley.

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Sadly by the time you are reading this, the information will be irrelevant so far as lift served snowsports is concerned!

All uplift operations are suspended at present following the announcement this afternoon that mainland Scotland will move from Level 4 restrictions to a full lockdown.

If you are planning to travel to Glencoe (or one of the other ski areas) for touring, keep in mind that terrain is now unpatrolled and unmanaged with no ski patrol on site. Also please beaware of machines operating as some mountain operations will continue so the snowsports areas are in a posistion to re-open uplift when permitted.

Level 4 travel restrictions remain in force and you must not use the ski area base to start mountain activities unless you live in Highland or Argyll & Bute - but please be aware that as non lift served touring can be undertaken away from the developed snowsports areas you may be asked to go somewhere closer to home if you are travelling a significant distance.

Another couple of fine days, some snow on Thursday, then another couple of fine days looks likely before potentially a new polar trough drops into situ over Highland Scotland. At this point, a stormy but snowy january that sets up the cover for the following 4 months and a repeat of spring 2020 weather would do nicely!

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