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Glencoe // Sunday 21st February 2021
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Skier in the Haggis Trap gives more of a sense of perspective and scale.

Looking out over Rannoch Moor from Rankin's Return.

Looking back up the mountain from Rankins Return - effect of sustained East wind on snow distribution fairly obvious!

Not much snow in the Canyon but some fun lines under the Cliffhanger - it's almost as if the hill is back to front after so much East/SE Wind.

Launching into the Haggis Trap on the Main Basin.

Laying some tracks on the East Ridge of Meall a' Bhuiridh. Lots of snow in Bailey's and Radio Gully too, but not so much in Flypaper.

Looing down the bottom of the Flypaper Bowl - big bulge at the top, not that much snow middle = stupid steep and precarious looking!

Ptarmigan marching across Rankin's Return.

One of the lucky ones in the training squad run by Snowsport Scotland.

Looking up Happy Valley. Great snow further round on Etive Glades too.

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Over the last couple of weeks Glencoe has helped Snowsport Scotland's performance teams in a return to on snow training on the slopes of Meall a' Bhuiridh.

They bagged a reasonable day on Sunday after some absolute howlers, so after the recent torrential rain here are few pix showing how things are currently shaping up. With sustained East to SE wind over several weeks it feels a bit as if the hill is back to front, the most snow isn't necessarily in the places it would normally be.

The gullies on the East Ridge, the Rock Garden, Little Rannoch and Etive Glades have a lot of snow. Fairly decent soft packed snow on most of the mountain, but the top 1/4 was bullet proof - tuned race skis have their uses!

For those thinking of heading up for touring or a hike, basically every run on the mountain is still in decent shape despite the howling wind, days of torrential rain and much milder temperatures. Monday looks to be a decent day, but likely to be hard at the top. Later Tuesday overnight into Wednesday looks like another spell of awful weather before potentially things move into a more settled phase to end the week as high pressure looks to ridge North into Highland Scotland by next weekend.

Can still ski to around 1500ft and 15 minute walk from top of the carpark to get skins on for going up. Please remember Level 4 travel restrictions remain in force during Lockdown, travel to Glencoe Mountain Resort for exercise is only permitted for Highland and Argyll & Bute residents.
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