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Glencoe // Saturday 5th March 2022
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Looking back to the mountain with Spring Run centred above Rankins Return.

Rannoch Button aka Queue Eater running with a good uptrack meant no real queues.

Rankins Return is wide and expansive for improving snowplough turners. This will transform the experience for early intermediates when the new chair opens.

Meall a' Bhuiridh from the Plateau Poma.

Old Mugs Alley and Coire Pollach Tow is the best option for those looking for a gentle green run.

Moody sky as the sun tries to reappear, bluebird in the morning was missed - oops!

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Missed the morning bluebird, but these pictures give an overview of how the mountain is shaping up. All runs above the Access Chair are complete with generally a decent coverage now with a solid base now taking shape on the upper and mid mountain.

The runs back to the top of the Access Chair are all in reasonable nick, so whether returning to the Poma for another lap of the whole mountain or to/from the Access Chair everything links together well.

Snow started firm to hardpacked, definitely a weekend for starting on the groomers unless you had good edges. But away from the top of the upper runs things loosened up to give some classic spring snow turns with wee bumps forming in the Main Basin late on.

On the Plateau Old Mugs Alley is in good shape for snow plough turners and those who can progress to handle the Plateau Poma and the top leg of Mugs Alley from the Cliffhanger Chair will love Rankins Return just now as it is wide and expansive.

When the new triple chairlift opens that will directly serve Rankins Return, it will transform the Glencoe experience for those progressing from the novice slopes to early intermediate terrain with a wide range of longer green runs served by a chairlift!
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