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Glencoe // Wednesday 13th April 2022
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A 150m plus sledging slope is available a short distance above the Plateau Cafe on Old Mugs Alley.

Looking up the Cliffy and Canyon.

In the Canyon, which had the best spring snow on Wednesday.

For experienced skiers and boarders the Canyon is the best route down to the Plateau Cafe and Cliffhanger Chair.

Looking down the Main Basin to the still almost flat Haggis Trap.

Upper Happy Valley, snow was a bit slower here than the Main Basin, a couple of thin sections in the lower narrows of Happy Valley.

View up Ski Tow Gully.

Bumps are starting to build below the Haggis Trap on the lower part of the Main Basin run.

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A brighter day on most of the mountain than some of the forecasts suggested was likely, with even the summit clearing at times. There is still 1200ft of lift served vertical on offer for confident intermediate and above skiers and snowboarders, but there is no green terrain open suitable for snowplough turners and novices.

The sledge park has been relocated from outside the Plateau Cafe, to 200m up the path from the Plateau Cafe to the upper part of Old Mugs Alley where there is a 150m long sledging slope. A webcam has been moved to show this!

On the upper mountain the Main Basin, Spring Run and Flypaper have a good cover, Happy Valley has some narrow / thin bits appearing in the lower narrows now. The Main Basin (blue) has pretty quick with firm crunchy granular spring snow and bumps are beginning to build below the Haggis Trap where the gradient picks up a little.

Flypaper (black) was closed due to visibility at the top, but when clear both it and the East Ridge area should give some great spring snow steeps for advanced riders.

The Canyon (black) mid-mountain was the pick of the day, with great granular spring snow, and the Canyon is the best route down to the Plateau Cafe for experienced riders. Thrombosis and cutting across the High Road also provides a mostly complete route to the Cliffhanger. While the Wall is complete, a walk is required back from the foot of the T-bar to the Cliffy and Cafe.

Only red and black runs are fully skiable mid-mountain, if none of them take your fancy from getting down from the upper mountain blues, take Mugs Alley to the top of the Poma, if heading down at the end of the day either take the Low Road path, or use Mugs or Old Mugs Alley to get part way to the Plateau Cafe.
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