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Glencoe // Monday 14th March 2022
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Looking up the Plateau Poma, all the plateau area runs are open except the Low Road.

With soft snow the Cliffhanger Crag was getting plenty of attention as people explored different lines.

Top of the Plateau Poma, some narrow areas on the Plateau Run. Old Mugs Alley off to the left in the photo is the best option for snowplough turners.

Looking down on the Plateau from the Rescue Shed. Still connects together for full mountain laps.

Decent depth of snow now at the first tower of the T-bar in Ski Tow Gully, which was seeing quite a lot of turns as the button wasn't required.

Looking down the Main Basin at the end of the day as the sun tried to put in an appearance at the summit.

That 4pm clear up at the top of the Main Basin!

Not so much Haggis Trap as the Haggis Dip at the moment, Main Basin giving fantastic turns for confident blue run riders.

Rankins Return remains pretty wide with quick firm spring snow, it's the best route down to the Poma, but there is a few metres break at the Low Road which can be grass skied!

Looking back up Meall a' Bhuiridh from Rankins Return.

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Overnight the upper mountain firmed up, as it loosened up it did so to give decent surface conditions with the skier traffic and thaw/freeze taking out the stickiness of the recent new snow layer that was prevalent yesterday in places.

With the Haggis Trap just a gentle dip the Main Basin is a confident blue run skiers cruising groomer paradise just now. For those venturing further along the ridge, full mountain laps from the Spring Run are still possible from the base of the summit to the base of the Plateau Poma.

With all the Plateau Runs bar the Low Road still skiable, Glencoe is offering the best mix of terrain with stuff across the full spectrum on offer. With the soft snow and clear visibility mid-mountain when the top was in the cloud on Monday, the Canyon, Thrombosis and the Cliffhanger Crag were all seeing a good deal of access for steeper lines and there's plenty of options to explore here when the snow is soft.

On the Plateau Old Mugs Alley is the best bet for snowplough turners, if the Coire Pollach Tow is running this can be lapped directly, but there is also a complete return to the Plateau Poma via the Access Return from the base of Old Mugs Alley.

Gusty winds forecast for Tuesday might make the Cliffhanger a no go. Wall T-bar uptrack is in decent nick but not suitable for beginners due to the gradient. Wind permitting all the available uplift can run including the Rannoch Button at the top if required by skier numbers.

Rankins Return has the widest cover of the Plateau Runs and was giving the sweetest turns on Monday, but there is a short break of a few metres over grass at the merge into the Low Road, but this can be negotiated with skis on (in fact it would be inviting a sink into soggy peat to remove them)!!

Snow maybe firm first thing at least on the upper mountain. Around 4-6 inches of new snow is expected later Tuesday overnight into Wednesday morning on the mountain, so could be some decent fresh tracks to be had for those coming up for a mid-week slide!
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