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Glencoe // Friday 11th March 2022
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Main Basin from the T-bar, Haggis Trap is just a shallow dip and 2 groomers wide at present.

Looking back down over Island Rock Gully to the Haggis Trap area on the Main Basin from the T-bar.

Beware of these at the Bumhole below the Canyon under the Cliffhanger Chair!

View down Happy Valley on the upper mountain.

Still decent depth of snow on the Wall.

Wall T-bar doing its thing on Friday afternoon.

Overall view of Meall a' Bhuiridh from the Plateau Poma. Still easy return to the Poma for full mountain laps.

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After a drizzly start with the mist down to about Island Rock on the Main Basin, a largely dry middle part of the day give several hours of decent overhead with it clear to the summit and nice spring snow turns. Before some heavy showers arrived late afternoon.

Unfortunately its been quite wet in the evening for a period up to posting with the temperature up to 2°c at the summit. The forecasts suggest the temperature will be back to 0 to -1°c by midnight or soon after, but there is likely to have been some snow loss on the Plateau. It should not have a major effect, but there might some narrower bits than there was today, however it did all still reasonably link together even at the Plateau level on Friday allowing full mountain laps to get the 1400ft of on mountain vertical from the top of the Main Basin.

All runs with the exception of Etive Glades and the Low Road were complete at the end of the day, so there is a range of terrain from green to black on offer. At the Black end of the spectrum the Canyon was open Friday, but the Flypaper will need to be assessed AM.

Light to moderate Southerly winds with a mix of snow showers and sunny spells for Saturday, so it should be a pretty decent day for some spring snowsports. Sunday, please check latest forecasts on Saturday afternoon / evening, the general mountain forecasts are for Gale or Severe Gale Force South Easterlies. However, SE winds do not hit the front of Meall a' Bhuridh full force. So the expectation is if the speeds forecast at update are correct uplift should be OK on Sunday, but there are limits, so check the latest.
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