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Glencoe // Tuesday 22nd March 2022
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Ski Tow Gully from the base of the Main Basin T-bar.

Heading onto Old Mugs Alley from the Plateau Poma. Follow the fork via the cafe, as the lower part is closed for Mighty Coe prep.

Looking out the track to Happy Valley and the Nevis Range mountains in the distance from the top of the lifts.

Looking back along Mugs Alley to the Cliffhanger.

Dozing snow to improve and widen the corner of Mugs Alley.

Rankins Return providing sweet spring snow turns out wide on the Plateau, unfortunately broken at the bottom at the Low Road.

Mugs Alley from the base of the Cliffhanger (Mon).

Old Mugs Alley is the pick of the Plateau green runs for snowplough turners (Mon).

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A little bit more hazy than Monday, but Tuesday was another fine and bright day with light winds as high pressure remains in control of the weather. Just enough of a breeze and haze to not realise you were getting burnt on Tuesday, so be careful - high factor sun cream is essential if spending any time on snow covered slopes in the sun even in Highland Scotland!

Wednesday is expected to lose the haze and patchy cloud that was evident on Tuesday, so another scorcher expected.

Though cover is narrowing in places on the Plateau, it still connects together for full mountain laps from the top of the Main Basin T-bar to base of the Plateau Poma giving 1400ft of vertical across the full spectrum of gentle greens to the very black Flypaper!

If the convex rollover into the Flypaper Bowl is a bit much for your nerves, never quite seeing what is about to unfold below you, there is plenty of fun to be had around the Cliffhanger Chair mid mountain including the Canyon (also black) and the area round from Thrombosis (red) across the Cliffhanger Crag to the the Cliffy itself.

The Coire Pollach Tow and the bottom chunk of Old Mugs Alley is closed as snow is being moved around for the Mighty Coe, Old Mugs Alley can be skied from the Plateau Poma via the Plateau Cafe fork and the Access Return.

For cruisy smooth groomers, the early birds catch the corduroy worm on the Main Basin and Happy Valley (both blue) on the upper mountain.
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