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Glencoe // Monday 18th April 2022
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Looking up Ski Tow Gully and the Main Basin T-bar. Even Ski Tow Gully is getting some spring bumps forming!

View up the Canyon later in the evening after working on a temporary connection for the summit webcam.

Bottom of the Main Basing looking over Rannoch moor from within the Haggis Trap which is still basically flat.

Side Walls of the Haggis Trap now above head height - gives a hint at the depth of snow required to fill the trap!

Looking up the Main Basin from the Haggis Trap towards Island Rock.

Some sunny afternoon spring snow laps on the Main Basin.

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Some convective snow showers came through on Easter Monday, but some fantastic sunny spring snow laps of the Main Basin between the occasional showers for the last day of daily snowsports at Glencoe.

Hopefully the season isn't done yet, the plan is to run the Main Basin T-bar for another weekend with the Cliffhanger Chair (mainly for access) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Mid-week the weather is looking fairly settled, with cooler conditions and night frosts, and the best of brighter / clearer overhead in the West Highlands as the wind swings round to blow from the East quadrant. This means it looks like nothing much should change in terms of the snow cover, which is good for getting at least one more weekend out of this season!

Only the Main Basin with options for some variety via upper Happy Valley and Ski Tow Gully remains fully complete and able to be directly lapped of the Main Basin T-bar, however while the spring snow was great in the afternoon on the Main Basin, the Spring Run was even sweeter, but this requires a walk in along the summit path. The Flypaper and East Ridge is giving good steep spring snow turns if the snow has loosened up.

Mid mountain red and blacks are still skiable for access, the Canyon (black) is the best bet for experienced riders as it was as of Monday evening still complete through the Bumhole and out onto Mugs Alley with just a minutes hoof back to the Cliffy and the snow in the Canyon was superb crunchy granular spring snow late afternoon.

The Access Chair and sledging park are open throughout the week, if you are hiking for turns or ski touring Tue, Wed, Thu please remember the hill is not patrolled.

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