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Glencoe // Saturday 31st December 2022
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Giving the Plateau Poma some love after it was upstaged by the new lift next door!

Old Mugs Alley was skiing the best, groomed up well and some fun natural terrain as the gully and bumps hasn't filled out yet.

Decisions at the top of the Plateau Poma.

Poma Run was pretty icy, even on the groomed line. Old Mugs Alley wasn't as exposed to the wind driven rain thus is grooming up nicer.

The new Rannoch Chairlift making it's operational debut on Hogmanay.

Looking over the Plateau Poma and Coire Pollach from the Rannoch Chairlift.

It's alive - first trip up the Rannoch Chairlift.

The view from Rankins Return - it's even more impressive from the new chairlift.

Rankins Return is giving pretty decent skiing, but the top entry and runout onto the Low Road is pretty thin so go with care.

Skiers heading back to the Rannoch Chair from the Low Road and Rankins Return.

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People turned up expecting the Plateau Poma and Coire Pollach Tow, but Glencoe had a Hogmanay surprise lined up in the form of the new Rannoch Triple Chairlift!

It made it's operational debut, and instantly the game changing capacity gain on uplift across the Plateau was obvious. It was straight onto the operating lifts, had to have some turns on the Poma in case it was feeling lonely!

The extra bit of elevation gained by the Rannoch Chairlift gives direct access to Rankins Return and easier access to the Low Road (which has been fully refenced) than from the Poma.

This means the extra uplift capacity didn't swam the terrain as people were well spread out across Rankins Return, the Low Road, Poma run and Old Mugs Alley.

After the fluctuating temperature the snow away from the grooming on the Plateau was pretty boilerplate. Old Mugs Alley had the best and most forgiving surface and was skiing nicely for some early season laps. The new Rannoch Chair also means the gentle Coire Pollach Tow can be reached from above without having to do battle with the Plateau Poma.

The Poma Run was pretty icy, the Low Road was better and Rankins Return was the best of the three in terms of surface, but it is early season conditions and it is pretty thin getting into and out from Rankins Return.

A band of precipitation is expected to push in, just how much reaches Glencoe is still pretty uncertain in the forecast models this evening, so check the webcams in the morning!
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