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Glencoe // Tuesday 14th February 2023
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A sign of the times for this season - a walk down from the end of the Summit Path is required to get into the Spring Run.

Setting off into the returning clag on the Spring Run.

The last chance to avoid the Haggis Trap on the Main Basin is these chevrons!

Looking down the Main Basin, with relatively low snow depths the rock walls of Island Rock gully are in play constraining skiers to a narrow snow field.

Not much to see on the upper Main Basin even though there were skiers nearby!

Old Mugs Alley is complete from the tow track cross over and gets you closest to the Plateau Cafe (head to the bottom of the Coire Pollach Tow).

Sledging slope at the Plateau Cafe was fairly busy and is still full length thanks to the snow factory.

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Weather permitting Glencoe is the best option for more advanced skiers and boarders at the moment, but it is also very much only suitable for strong and confident intermediates and above at this time.

The main action is taking place on the Main Basin (blue). Happy Valley (blue) is complete but narrow and very thin in places, the easiest route is cutting back and forth between the Main Basin and Happy Valley. An obligatory trip through the fairly fruity Haggis Trap is required for a full lap of the Main Basin.

Unfortunately Happy Valley and the Spring Run are only open visibility and surface conditions permitting due to the current snow cover.

The Spring Run (red) requires a short walk in from the top of the run, but if open provides advanced riders with the best route back to the Plateau Cafe out onto the corner of Mugs Alley and down Old Mugs Alley which requires about a 50m walk at the top of the Coire Pollach Tow. Unfrotunately there is a break in the Spring Run, this can be missed if cutting back to the Main Basin T-bar, but is in play if you want to aim direct to the corner of Mugs Alley.

Sadly the connections around mid mountain lower down continue to break up, so some walking is required whatever route you go down to the Plateau Cafe. The Wall now requires some grass skiing bits to get to the end of the main snow cover and all in all unless its spring snow and sunny, finding a way to Old Mugs Alley is the least objectionable route to the Plateau Cafe at this time. The fenced corner section of Mugs Alley is skiable, but there is a break below that where you need to walk from the top of the Plateau Poma to the where the track crosses the Coire Pollach Tow, but from there Old Mugs Alley is still skiable if narrow to the base of the Coire Pollach Tow. Unfortunately there is no snow on the Coire Pollach Tow uptrack, which means there is no lift served terrain suitable for novices and early intermediate riders.

The Sledge Park is open and full length adjacent to the Plateau Cafe. Please arrive around 2pm at the latest and be on the chair before 2.30pm to go sledging.
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