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CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 31st March 2023
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Northern Corries from Loch Morlich.

Zoom view of Coire an t-Sneachda.

Wider view of Coire Cas.

The Traverse and Upper Cas give a longer run, but the Gunbarrel is very narrow and peters out.

CairnGorm from Loch Morlich. cloud just around the summit level. Notable is that despite limited snow, the M2 is almost complete thanks to the new rail fences both catching more snow and reducing ablation.

Wide cover in the Ptarmigan Bowl, upper M2 and Ciste Fairway good cover, but out of site lower half of Fairway narrow and thin.

Patchy snow on the West Wall Poma uptrack and in the Aonach Bowl.

The Ciste Gully has a break before the snow runs out, but still a decent length of red graded run if you are prepared to do some leg work to get out or have a lift in the Ciste carpark!

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With uplift now restricted to just the Top Basin and no mid stopping on the Funicular and the Brits returning to where it all begun, means no further public snowsports tickets are available for this weekend. With the holidays underway for many schools for Easter, and available slope capacity limited, advisable to pre purchase tickets for next week in advance!

For those prepared to do some leg work to hike or skin, these photos provide an overview of what is available on the front of the mountain beyond the officially open terrain up in the Top Basin. As can be seen from the zoom of the M2, the Ptarmigan Bowl still has wide cover, and there is good cover on the upper M2 and top half of the Fairway, but out of site below the M2 diverge the Fairway is narrow and thin, basically just a bashed out track of snow keeping it going back to the Ciste T-bar.

Below the Ciste Bowl the Ciste Gully is still giving a decent length of steeper turns for those prepared to do some leg work to either skin back out, or hoof up and over to return to the Funicular (or out to the Carpark if you have a lift / car left there)!

The Traverse is still fully complete and in decent shape onto the 105 and most of the 105 is fine too, though the links onto Coire Cas are suffering after the mild, wet and windy weather earlier in the week. The Upper Cas as can be seen is narrow and seperating from the T-bar uptrack, but still complete into the Gunbarrel.

However the Gunbarrel has never been in great shape this season (part of the reason why can be seen with the amount of snow stranded below the upper Zig of the Zig Zags) and it is very narrow, thin and runs out around the mid Zig Zag crossover towards the M1 Poma. The M1 Poma uptrack is largely complete, but there is no snow at all around the get on area and the bottom couple of towers.

With the Funicular no longer middle stopping, coming down the Cas side means a walk from 2/3rds of the way down the Gunbarrel back to the Daylodge level.
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