pix from the slopes // the lecht
The Lecht // Saturday 28th January 2023
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Grouse Runs and Snowy Owl (off shot to right) full width between the fences except some bits at the top over the crest!

View from the top of the Grouse Poma.

Top of the Grouse Poma and Snowy Owl Chairlift, looking over to the Falcon Poma in the distance,

View over the Osprey Poma to the Eagle Pomas and runs from the carpark.

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Thanks to Joseph Coane for these photos from the Lecht. if you have been out on the slopes drop us an email or tag winterhighland on FaceBook with a comment to share photos!

Short video from WhereStagsRoar on 1st Feb https://youtu.be/eFh9tlbOyv4 .

After the Lecht's start of week break, new snow has filled out the runs again on the main side of the road since these pictures were taken and the Eagle, Grouse and Snowy Owl runs are all full width between the fences and connecting together well.

A pretty awful forecast for Thursday for the West and CairnGorm in terms of overhead and wind, being that bit further NE the Lecht will hopefully escape the worst of both the rain and the wind. In the pass will be sheltered from the WSW to SW winds, but the top of the main lifts will be exposed to it, so check AM.

The Robin and Wren nursery runs served by the magic carpets are in good condition thanks to the base of machine made snow from the snow factory.
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The Lecht

Nevis Range

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