pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Tuesday 6th March 2001
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Blue sky storm. The hazy sunshine belies the true conditions.

Looking up the Lady, fresh windblown powdery snow. Heavy drifting meant fresh tracks on every run!

A quick spin round on dismounting the M1 Poma, shows the drifting snow, but you had to have been there to appreciate the force the snow was drifting with!

Lady/M1 from the Fiacaill Ridge Poma in the morning.

Wind Blast!! A steady 60mph Southerly Gale blasts the Lady Tow.

On the deck. Taking a breather after getting bowled over by the wind.

Calm before the storm, White Lady in the morning. Notice buried funicular columns!

Drifting snow and sunshine over CairnGorm.

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Arguably one of the best days of the season so far, but don't be fooled by the blue sky in the pics. It was a wild day, esp during the afternoon, with storm force Southerly Winds drifting snow from the platuea onto North Aspects. The White Lady was catching most of it, thus giving superb sport on deep windblown powdery snow, which even on blades was a blast thanks to the serious tail winds. However with the wind reaching 60mph by the afternoon, the journey up the Lady T-bar was somewhat less enjoyable, it was face mask, goggles job going up, shades and hat off for going down!!

However, we didn't realise what the South Winds would bring that night. The night of Tuesday 6th March into Wednesday 7th March saw one of the 'Gorms biggest single snow falls off all time, what's more, the wind fell light during the night but the snow continued to fall. On Wednesday morning CairnGorm was declared StormBound with the access road well and truly burried. However we choose the wrong day to be elsewhere. Up on CairnGorm, the lifts were operating, the sky was blue, the sun blazing, and the powder deep... Those in the know who hiked up, a few season ticket holders, some BASI guys, and a few ski tourers who stumbled on the open lifts and CML staff had the entire mountain to themselves, in what's been described as CairnGorm Mountain's best ever big snow day.... Look at the bottom photo of the Lady, the boulder fields of the East Lady were buried so deep overnight as to be offering the best sport of all!!

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