pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 16th April 2001
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The end is neigh. A chair enters the middle station, as it's demolition continues.

Inside the Ptarmigan SnackShack, the little huts that provided welcome warmth and shelter to hundreds during 2001.

The Last Trip.
White Lady Chairlift top station, from one of the last chairs down, ever.

That's all folks....
The last chair ever to run the line, brings down the lift attendent holding the sign from the 1961 opening.

A view never to be seen again. The Northern Corries from the White Lady Chairlift, circa. 4.30pm on Monday 16th April 2001.

The last day of the Snack Shack!

Outside the SnackShack on it's last day before contractors took it over. You'd be suprised at the number of days the tables were outside!!

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Monday 16th April 2001 marked the end of an era for Scottish Snowsports, with the White Lady Chairlift bowing out after 40 seasons of service. Commissioned on 23rd December 1961 the White Lady's replacement, the CairnGorm Funicular, took it's first passengers 40yrs to the day on 23rd December 2001. The funicular carried its first fare paying passengers on the afternoon of December 24th, and had it's first full day of operation on Christmas Day 2001, a big Xmas present for Scottish snowsports!

The CairnGorm Chairlift was one of only a handful of side facing chairlifts built, and according to funicular contractors the world's last operating side facing chairlift. Part of the reason for it's design was a condition attached to a large donation made to the development, that the lift must be as easy to use by non-skiers as skiers, stopping for loading and unloading and be a two man chair, another factor that made it side facing, was wind! The side facing chairs were less affected by head winds, and had greater clearance from the pylons for strong cross winds!! Having opened in 1961 when the single seater was common place, the White Lady was amongst the earliest detachable grip chairlifts in the world.
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