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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 4th December 2011
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Upper Cas filling in, something of a base starting to form on the upper part. (Sat).

Ptarmigan Traverse fenceline has caught a lot of the snow blowing about. (Sat).

Sizeable drifts building on the Upper Cas. (Sat).

Winchcat outside the KB garage on Sunday afternoon at dusk.

I don't think the roof should be here?

Looking up the Ptarmigan Bowl on Sunday afternoon, wind scoured in parts.

Daylodge looks wintry, but need one of those wrap round occlusions from last year!

Ptarmigan load ramp, Ciste Bowl drifting in below.

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A selection of photos from around CairnGorm Mountain from Alan on Sunday and Helen on Saturday. The 'Gorm is edging closer, with more snow forecast for the coming days, should not be long now.

Ptarmigan Traverse has good accumulations, as does along the T-bar line in the Bowl, there's probably enough now to shove about the link past the top of the Polar Express to get the run linked up. Ciste Fairway looks to be filling too. But the open area of the Bowl is scoured, pretty icy coming over from the Restaurant, hopefully some of the next few days snow will stick here.

Elsewhere things are slowly filling in, the Upper Cas is the next most promising area, but could do with some of the heavier falls the West has been enjoying to combine with the recent high winds to really get things moving along.

Today's sortie was to the webcams, Fiacaill webcam in the SSC Hut is back in position - unlike parts of the SSC Hut! The AWS has been damaged by roof sections, but is still functioning for now.

The Ptarmigan Tow webcam remains offline for now, the window in the hut has blown in and is currently boarded up awaiting replacement.

Keep watching the webcams and forecasts. The official start of the lift served winter is getting closer.
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