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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Sunday 11th December 2011
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Heading for the Base Station via Burnside.

Techno Alpin T40 fan gun at the top of the Carpark Runs.

The Upper Cas from Horizon Road, had the best sport Sunday.

Some good windblown fresh down the outside of the M1 RaceTrack.

Dry machine groomed fresh snow on the Ptarmigan runs.

Looking down the Ptarmigan Bowl to the foot of the T-bar.

One of a couple of small rails and rollers in the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Looking up the Ptarmigan Bowl to top of the Ciste Tow.

Anemometer suggests it was very windy on Thursday !

White Lady is narrow and thin in places, but lovely snow top half. Crusty low down.

Boarder puts a turn in on Coire Cas, dry fresh pisted hero snow.

Bit of a blow at the Top Station, Ciste Tow went of a couple of times due to wind.

Pick of the Day, the Upper Cas had fantastic snow and little traffic.

Ciste starting to fill, much of the burn covered, Southerly gales plus snow forecast Tue could help further.

Top section of the Ciste Fairway, firm packed, but grippy, fresh was blowing into the Ciste Bowl.

Looking down the Fairway, Lady Luck is complete - but some weird drifts to beware off.

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A rather more blustery day on Sunday than yesterday for opening day, with a few snow showers and brighter spells.

The Top Basin wasn't affected by the lower level thaw/freeze cycle overnight and had great machine packed powdery conditions, though the Fairway became firmer through the day as the wind blew the loose snow into the Ciste Bowl.

Top to Daylodge riding is on offer and the surface conditions were much better than expected on the lower slopes, the cover is thin and narrow in bits but easily skiable with easy to turn on snow on Sunday.

Best turns today were on the Upper Cas which was seeing very little traffic, a head wind on the Traverse encouraged folk to follow the 105. But the little bit of extra effort to make the top of the Cas was well rewarded, beautiful machine packed dry snow with a regularly topped up layer of windblown fresh.

The line down the outside of the M1 RaceTrack had some nice fresh drifts and the White Lady was seeing action, pretty nice snow on the top half, bit mixed lower down with some crusty stuff, narrow so only for the more experienced.

Would have been good to have had the Cas T-bar from top of Gunbarrel today, but then wouldn't have had it too myself! Forecast for Southerly gales and snow should help the Ciste Gully and Gunbarrel on their way on Tuesday. Would not take much new snow, to see operations and terrain ramp up. A decent start after a very long autumn.
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