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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 17th December 2011
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At last some visibility as nightfall brings a parting of the clag.

Cas Tow fixed after being taken out of service by misuse earlier in the day.

Clearing weather as dusk falls on the lower slopes.

Iced up new terrain park toys outside the Ptarmigan.

Skier on the White Lady disappears into the mist.

Fiacaill Ridge Poma just below the cloud in the afternoon.

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The North wind left the Northern Cairngorms under a cloud, while even Strathspey had sunshine - thus it was not a day for taking many photos. Great underfoot surface conditions, but limited visibility on Saturday.

Freezing fog, feezing to googles was more of a problem than the actual visibility. The result more people were using the lower slopes that were partially clear, while the M1 Poma was deserted in the afternoon.

The Fiacaill Ridge had a few inches of fresh loose powdery snow on a base of wind packed snow, with better visibility this was the pick for many. Lower slopes are much improved from last weekend with a good cover of beautifully groomed machine packed powder snow.

More snow expected overnight, hopefully as the showers clear through, they'll take away the hill fog too.
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