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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 23rd December 2011
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Lower half of the Zig Zags, fully complete.

Upper Cas and 105 from the Traverse.

Skier heads for the Zig Zags on Coire Cas.

Top of the Traverse got the hairdryer treatment.

Corner of the Traverse, that's a plastic luge thingy!

New signage around the Base Station.

Looking over the Ptarmigan Bowl and Polar Express, from top of Ciste Fairway.

Short rail set up on the upper Cas, people using ramp as mini kicker.

Funicular's 10th birthday cake.

Daylodge looks less seasonal than last year.

Heading for home via Burnside on the Carpark Run.

Cas Gunbarrel is doing it's infamous luge track impression.

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The remaining snow is now hard packed after temperatures fell back in the early hours of Friday. Though there had been good riding and the snow had stuck in the right places, there was not not much depth in some areas, the East simply had a lot less snow fall than the West from the Westerly storms.

Most runs have been broken by the savage thaw and on Friday the snowsports on offer was limited to Coire Cas. The Traverse is skiable from just beyond the top of the M1 Poma, but broken at the Top Station. Traverse is littered with death cookies, so be careful there.

The Ciste Fairway is broken, but could be fixable, but high winds prevented the Ciste Tow running. Ptarmigan was closed due to the icy conditions in the Bowl.

Grippy on the Upper Cas, though getting a bit more polished in the Gunbarrel, it's reasonable if you have semi decent edges and the shallow half pipe shape helps get tight turns in. The Zig Zags are complete thanks to some serious patching of the 2nd leg and were in reasonable condition.

White Lady is very narrow and broken at the top, it would be fun in spring snow, but with boilerplate it's a no go.

The Carpark Run is just skiable with real care by experienced riders, skiers can get the whole way down, but there are a couple of bits where boarders will probably have to unclip. Hard glazed snow and very narrow!
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