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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Wednesday 4th January 2012
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Please do NOT park like this!!

Blowing a hoolie at the top of the Traverse.

Winchcat heads up to flatten drifts on the Traverse.

Good riding on the Upper Cas, but not a day for an SLR!

Heading out from the Ptarmigan, skis on where person in green trousers is standing.

Outside the Ptarmigan, some contrast for a photo.

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A very limited selection of pix from Wednesday, it was not a day for using an SLR camera and it quickly had to be put away due to fine blowing snow. (My decent point and shoot is still in rehab, drying out after last Friday).

Top tows off due to wind limited the sliding to Coire Cas either off the T-bar which is loading at the top of the Gunbarrel, or via the Traverse and Funicular.

Upper Cas had nice snow and was giving good if limited sport. Where pisted the rather mixed up snow types groomed out to smooth machine packed powder surfaces. Off the pisted area the Cas Boulderfield had wind packed fresh snow.

Traverse has improved considerably in recent days and it's now plank(s) on at the top of the M1 Poma, but it is quite thin at the top so go carefully. The Gunbarrel is complete, but narrow near the bottom. Top two legs of Zig Zags are in reasonable shape, but best to cross over to the Gunbarrel as the 3rd leg is very thin still.

White Lady and M1 are filling in slowly, but really needs a bit more falling snow input to help things along. Fiacaill might be there or there abouts but with blowing snow reducing visibility, it wasn't a day for exploring.

A few managed to combat ski the Carpark Run, but more snow required before you could really call it skiable. In short decent surface conditions for a morning slide, just need more off it and a bit less wind.

There would be good novice / early intermediate areas up in the Top basin if the wind would moderate.
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