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pix from the slopes // glencoe
Glencoe // Thursday 5th January 2012
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Heading up the Plateau Poma, fences brimming again.

Looking up the corner of Mugs Alley from the top of the Poma.

Bottom of Mugs Alley very well filled, from Cliffhanger Chair.

Looking into the Canyon from the Cliffhanger Chair.

Top leg of Mugs Alley.

Plateau Poma Run in decent shape again.

Plateau Poma doing it's thing on Thursday.

Meall a' Bhuiridh from the Plateau Poma.

New fence line below Mugs Alley, approaching Cliffhanger Chair.

Contrast in surface conditions shows up well!

Going up the Main Basin T-bar.

Main Basin in good shape with firm packed snow.

The Low Road to skiers right of the Plateau Poma, well pisted, best snow.

Out beyond the Low Road, looking back to the Spring Run and Flypaper.

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The bulk of Meall a' Bhuiridh provided shelter from the NW wind on much of the mountain on Thursday, though with a stiff tail wind on the upper reaches of the Main Basin.

Surface conditions were variable with thaw/freeze cycling and fresh snow fall, giving areas of soft snow, wind blown powder and firm to higher up hard packed snow.

All runs are complete with good cover on the runs back to the Top of the Access at 2200ft. The Plateau runs have been in good shape for early intermediates, the Low Road being one of the picks on Thursday.

Temperatures rose late Friday softening the snowpack, temperatures are forecast to drop again early hours of Saturday, with snow showers possible. Thus the existing base will be firm to hard packed, but there could be some windblown fresh too.

Strong winds continue unabated, so the advice is to check the latest in the morning if possible. Pop the snowphone number 01855 851226 in your mobile or use the Winterhighland iPhone App or mobile website.

Photos by Andy Meldrum / Glencoe Mountain Ltd.
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