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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 7th January 2012
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Just possible for experienced riders to ski to the Daylodge, via Burnside.

Fiacaill Traverse winds it's way beyond the old T-bar uptrack. Windblown fresh along here.

Wide low rail on Coire Cas. One narrow rail, plus 2 rollers.

Fiacaill and Fiacaill Traverse had the best snow. Follow the poles.

Gunbarrel narrows below M1 loading area, this is why the tow isn't loading at the bottom.

Bright spell on Loch Morlich from top of the Gunbarrel.

Top leg of the Zig Zags looking over to the Fiacall Crossover.

Wide cover on the Upper Cas, firm packed with one or two slicker patches.

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Those that set out with low expectations and a degree of trepidation in anticipation of blue water ice grade boilerplate where in for something of a pleasant surprise today.

The base though firm to hardpacked was grippy rather than slick and despite the Cas being the only tow able to run due to the wind keeping the top shut there was actually some reasonable runs to be had, with some pockets of windblown fresh too.

Starting at the Top Station, it was blowing a hoolie, but fortunately from a direction that didn't impede progress down the Traverse, from where the 105 was collecting a nice layer of windblown fresh.

The upper Cas has a wide and good cover of firm packed snow, should loosen to spring snow during Sunday. Cas Tow frometop of the Gunbarrel.

Take the Funicular to the top, then 1 or 2 runs on the Cas Tow depending on route and your speed, then back to the middle for the Funicular should fit well with the Funicular times to get a bit more variety and maximum sliding and lest standing about.

Best snow and rather ignored on Saturday was the Fiacall Traverse. Follow the poles, stay high to cross the old tow track, before picking a line down the Fiacaill (skiers left of old t-bar) to the Fiacaill Crossover from the Ridge Poma, then back to the Zig Zags.

Top Basin runs have good cover if the wind allows play up top. Advanced riders can ride to the Carpark, with due care and diligence! Better visibility and softer snow might allow a few more lines to be tried out Sunday.
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