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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 9th January 2012
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Coire Cas has good cover, should be spring snow on Tuesday.

Looking up Coire Cas in morning shadows but under blue sky.

The majority persisted with the Gunbarrel, but Chicken Gully was the way to go.

Group on instructor training at the top of the Gunbarrel.

A sunlit Strath beyond Coire Cas, to rare a view during the holidays.

Obligatory top of the Ptarmigan Tow photo that's been rarely possible due to wind!

Good width of cover in the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Boarders waiting to hit the rollers in the Cas mini-park.

Looking down a busy t-bar and empty run on Coire Cas.

Hitting the wide rail on Coire Cas.

The top of the Traverse is a rock garden, go carefully.

Some good snow still on the Fiacaill but access and exit was horrible Monday, might be better Tuesday.

Sport the birdie...

A blue sky above the Top Basin, a fine day in prospect weather wise.

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A largely blue sky, prolonged mid winter sunshine and substantially less wind than usual of late on Monday, though just enough to keep the Ciste Tow closed with it blowing right across the line.

The price to pay for the better weather and overhead was much firmer snow than Sunday, but on the whole firm packed but grippy rather than slick icy hardpack. Though the Gunbarrel was rather more interesting in that regard, hardly used Chicken Gully was by far the best option. Top two Zig Zags are complete for avoiding the majority of the Gunbarrel also.

The Top Basin has good cover, with wind permitting longer green runs of the Ciste Tow. Top of the Traverse is very thin and narrow and going from the Ptarmigan Traverse past the Top Station onto the mainline of the Traverse requires a very slow and careful route selection, but from the M1 corner down it was well groomed and smooth on Monday.

Milder temperatures and hopefully not much more wind for Tuesday should make for some good fun, with the snow loosening up into granular spring snow. The Gunbarrel that really was best avoided on Monday could be a blast as it's riding as a natural pipe.

There is one narrow rail, one wide rail and two rollers set up on the boulderfield side of Coire Cas.
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