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pix from the slopes // glencoe
Glencoe // Friday 13th January 2012
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Arriving at the top of the Main Basin T-bar.

Preparing for a run at the top of the Main Basin.

Looking up old Mugs Alley, well groomed, softer snow.

This was the lift hut at the BOTTOM of the Access Chair!

Side on view of the Main Basin from the Plateau Poma.

Heading up the Plateau Poma under blue skies on Friday morning.

Spring Run and Flypaper from the Chair. A good spring in prospect? For now the Flypaper is for ice climbers!

The most photographed chimney in the word? A different angle on the Black Rock cottage by the Glencoe Access Road.

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A beautiful blue sky day with next to no wind at Glencoe on Friday, it dawned frosty and clear. A pretty settled spell of weather for a few days to get out and play on the hills after unrelenting storms.

The Plateau Poma was back in operation on Friday, the uptrack is in good shape and flat, for accessing the main area. Access Chair was ski off with a complete link to the Poma after some snow shoving on Friday afternoon.

Up on the mountain there is a fantastic base in the main snow holding gullies, possibly a good spring season to come? Let's hope so.

The snow is firm to hard packed with some icier areas. Up top Happy Valley was more grippy than the Main Basin which was quite slick in places, but it did also have some pockets of fresh. Return to the tows was via Ski Tow Gully.

Mid mountain runs are complete, Thrombosis and the Canyon require good edges though. The Wall is also complete and had a light dusting of fresh, the Wall T-bar was open Friday.

Mugs Alley, then from the top of the Plateau Poma via Old Mugs Alley had the best snow, loosened by extensive and snow pushing. From the top of the Poma Old Mugs Alley, then the trainer rope tow area gets you most of the way down the Plateau. Late in the day the Poma is switched off for returning via the uptrack all the way to the top of the Access.

Sharp edges, shades and some suncream for the weekend.
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