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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 14th January 2012
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360 off the kicker on Coire Cas.

Top leg of the Zig Zags, but a walk required on the 2nd leg, then follow link to Gunbarrel.

Skier rail slide on the wide rail in the Cas mini park.

Boarder on the wide box.

Skier hits one of the two boxes in Coire Cas.

Going up the Coire Cas T-bar, afternoon shadows lengthening.

Loch Morlich basks in winter sunshine, seen from Coire Cas.

Unfortunately the top of the Traverse is a rock garden, walk to here.

Ciste Bowl had the best riding, but was largely ignored on Sat.

Looking down over the Ptarmigan Bowl from the direct route by the T-bar.

Ptarmigan Tow doing it's thing under blue skies and no wind - for a change!

Top of the Ciste Fairway and WWP. Could do with the WWP on Sunday.

Ski School classes in the Ptarmigan Bowl, nice layer of loose snow.

Train load of skiers head out from the Top Station.

Gunbarrel mayhem - boiler plate slalom course...

TechnoAlpin T40 puts down a layer of fresh on the lower Gunbarrel.

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A blue sky, no wind, a perfect weather day on CairnGorm Mountain. Initially the 'Gorm sat above a layer of inversion mist, but this dispersed almost entirely by lunchtime giving great views over the Strath which also basked in afternoon mid winter sunshine.

More snow and terrain would be very welcome, but with fine weather it's well worth getting up for a play as what snow there is is offering up reasonable sport. A dusting of fresh snow early hours Friday, coupled with extensive pisting means there's generally a nice layer of loose soft snow on the groomed terrain. Some hard / icy scrapped patches developed later.

All Top Basin Runs are complete, though the cover is not that wide by the Top Basin standards there in reasonable nick and there is ample area for learners in the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Pick of the day was the Ciste Bowl, not seeing much traffic but had the best surface conditions. Ciste Fairway was seeing much more use, and the Ciste Tow was markedly busier than the Ptarmigan or Cas. Would be good if the West Wall Poma could be added to the mix for Sunday.

The Upper Cas has a good width of cover with a mini terrain park set up in the boulderfield area, with 1 dance floor box, 1 box, 1 narrow rail, 1 wide rail, 1 kicker and 1 roller. There are a couple of rails also out in the Ptarmigan Terrain Park.

The Traverse is broken between the Top Station and the corner where it splits from the M1 RaceTrack. Gunbarrel is a obstacle course, but passable with care by experienced skiers and boarders. The snow cannon has put down a layer of fresh machine made snow which has made the very bottom 100m or so of the Gunbarrel skiable again and much nicer than the top section of the Gunbarrel!

More blue skies expected Sunday, so definitely worth getting out for a play.
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