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pix from the slopes // glencoe
Glencoe // Monday 16th January 2012
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Sunshine at the top of a hard packed Main Basin.

Mist threatens to spill over the summit ridge at the top of the Main Basin.

Heading for home via the Plateau Poma at the end of Monday.

Main Basin has a good cover, banked to the NW side, less depth uptracks.

Wall and Wall Crossover complete, good base. Canyon is loaded for mid January.

Old Mugs Ally, might not look much, but there are a good few feet of snow in the small gully which is filled flat.

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Another largely fine day on Monday, but without the inversion so noticeably colder on the mountain and this was reflected in the surface conditions, which had set up hard with icy areas after some softening earlier in the weekend.

There's been no change in cover since Friday's photos, so check them out for a few shots of other parts of the mountain.

Though the hard surface conditions have limited the steeper terrain, the mountain retains a great base on most of the main natural runs for what is still only mid January. It's very dense and consolidated snow as well which makes the depth in places even more impressive. If the weather plays ball, it could be a fantastic spring out West.

The Plateau Poma is operating for access to the main area and the Access Chair is ski off, with a link to the Poma. Return when the Poma is off is possible via the uptrack later in the day, alternatively Old Mugs Alley, then the new beginner tow takes a dog log route down with only a short walk back to the Poma.

Mugs Alley is broken, but there are two complete alternatives via the High Road back to the Cliffy (for the more adventurous) or a more gentle winding route via Old Mugs Alley which is complete to just down from the Plateau Cafe.

Snow was softer on Tuesday, rain and milder temps overnight will mean further softening, but the FL coming back down early doors Wednesday. Snow could be nice as it crunches up, but may set up hard later.
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