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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 3rd February 2012
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Looking down the top box to other features in the Cas mini park.

Heading up the Cas Tow for another run through the park.

Cas Tow loading at the bottom, Gunbarrel much improved.

Fresh tracks, but no longer fresh bases - M1 RaceTrack.

T40 TechnoAlpin fan gun blows snow into the Gunbarrel.

Top of the Traverse transformed by drifting on the Southerly winds this week.

Traverse is now wide and banked out, loose machine groomed snow.

Various rails in the Ptarmigan Terrain Park.

Ptarmigan Bowl much wider, great shape for learning.

All Top Basin runs have improved with the drifting snow from the Plateau this week.

Ciste Fairway is mostly fence to fence now, firm pack with layer of loose machine groomed snow.

Looking up the Fairway. WWP was being tested out in the afternoon.

Hitting the wide rail in the Cas park.

Hitting a rail in Coire Cas.

Small kicker with quite a kick in Coire Cas.

Snow cannon buries a fence by the Gunbarrel.

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Youtube Video Report.

Not a breath of wind in the Cas carpark mid morning and not a cloud in the perfect blue sky above CairnGorm Mountain, unfortunately a change is brewing out west, but hopefully it will bring more snow.

Though no more terrain has opened there's been a real improvement in cover and conditions on offer through this week thanks to drifting of snow from the Plateau areas on South through South East winds.

The Top Basin is in good shape and the cover has widened out somewhat. Extensive pisting has given a layer of loose machine groomed snow on a firm but grippy base, giving great confidence building riding.

The Ptarmigan Terrain Park has a couple of boxes, a tyre job and a selection of rails. In the Cas Boulderfield there is 1 wide rail, 1 narrow rail, 1 box, 1 wide dancefloor box and a kicker.

Access to the Cas via the Traverse is now a fantastic run down the mountain, fence to fence and good depth of cover from the Top Station round past the M1 split where the Traverse itself is wide and banked out. Hero snow on Friday.

Coire Cas has good cover, though the upper Cas is quite hard with some icy patches, the loose snow having accumulated in the much improved Gunbarrel. Top 3 legs of the Zig Zags are in good shape, but best to use the top two and cut back over to the lowest part of the Gunbarrel.
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