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pix from the slopes // glenshee
Glenshee // Tuesday 7th February 2012
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Baddoch Chairlift and Sunnyside beyond.

Claybokie Poma was busy with learners.

Looking out over Sunnyside and beyond.

New male contraception (not suitable for snowboarders).

Cairnwell Restaurant now a real hub on the mountain.

Boarder puts a turn in on the Slalom RaceTrack, one of the picks of the day.

Some adventure sliding from the foot of the Beag to Tom Dearg.

Cluny runs in pretty good nick, links from Sunnyside Poma to Beag good.

Setting off down the Fionn Red, looking over Center Gully.

Glas Maol uptrack being worked on by the machines, getting near?

Snow making means connections between Cairnwell/Carn Aosda lifts are excellent.

Sun breaks through the inversion mist at the top of Coire Fionn Pomas.

Link down Meall Odhar from Caenlochan to top of the Fionn Pomas.

Top Station of the new Baddoch Chairlift

Baddoch Chair, drops you at the cafe door for a morning Bacon Roll.

Meall Odhar Poma, some decent lines, but be careful! Poma track needs much more depth.

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A great day at Glenshee with by and large sweet underski conditions and a good range of terrain for all ability levels from first timers up, ranging from the new rope tow to the famous Tiger.

The mist was rather stubbornly clinging to the Cairnwell side in the morning, though more brighter spells later, but it was always clearer and brighter beyond Sunnyside.

Some of the best riding is where there is an established base or recent snow making efforts. For those who have mastered Claybokie, Butchart's Coire is in good shape. The Bunny Run is a blast for all, can a green trail really be this much fun?

The Slalom RaceTrack is in fantastic shape and was one of the picks of the day. Butchart's Access is complete, but largely narrow, but decent surfaces. Sunnyside similarly is rather thin and narrow, but beautifully groomed and giving easy skiing.

Tom Dearg is a good progression run for an easy blue in fine shape. Link from S/Side Pomas to Beag are good, but from Beag to Tom Dearg it's the usual burn slalom, go carefully!

The outstanding pick of the day though was skiers left of the Caenlochan Poma on Meall Odhar, unfortunately come lunchtime the Poma had a bad case of indigestion after munching half it's hangers for lunch. By the time the mess was untangled, word had got out and the Caenlochan suffered from the only real queue on the hill.

Fionn Red is in good shape, the bowl is a bit variable. Can ski from top of Fionn Pomas straight to the M/Odhar Cafe. Back Passage is in good shape and was catching windblown fresh on Tuesday.

For the experts the Tiger is decent for the top 2/3rds, but thins out approaching the lift. Thunder Bowl has some fun lines down onto Claybokie from the low point of the col.
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