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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Wednesday 15th February 2012
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Dancefloor box in Coire Cas.

Some air time in Coire Cas.

New up-flat box in Coire Cas.

M1 uptrack does not look pretty, but it does the job without waiting for the funicular.

Top two Zig Zags are complete for avoiding the bulk of the gunbarrel.

Coire Cas has a good cover, soft wet snow on Wed.

Floodlights illuminate the gloom, tomorrow there will be more illuminating the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Top the Traverse above the M1 RaceTrack split, vastly improved from earlier this month.

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It was a driech afternoon on CairnGorm Mountain on Wednesday, the clag was threatening to strangle the hill and drizzle gave way to a bit of a soaking at the end of play. All in all not a day for taking photos, but during Thursday the FL is forecast to drop and snow is expected Friday and Saturday.

The snow was soft and wet after 24 hours of damp drizzily conditions, though there was a dusting of wet fresh snow on the ground at the Ptarmigan Bowl level.

Despite the prevailing conditions the past few days, the cover on the open terrain is better in key areas than when the last set of photos were taken. The Traverse is fence to fence from the Ptarmigan Restaurant to the M1 RaceTrack split now and the lower Gunbarrel is full width with the burn course completely filled in.

The top 3 Zig Zags are complete, but some walking is required from the 4th leg back to the mid station platform again, however the link through to the Gunbarrel from the 2nd leg is passable and this allows most of the Gunbarrel to be avoided with skis on.

If you go slowly and carefully it's possible to get to the M1 Poma with your skis on, but boarders will have to unclip if their to avoid some souvenirs from CairnGorm granite! If you go in here at any speed you will damage your kit if not yourself!

Access to and from the skiable snow is via the Funicular. Ciste, Ptarmigan and Cas T-Bars, plus the Polar Express and West Wall Pomas scheduled. Weather permitting open till 8pm on Thursday 16th.
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