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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 10th March 2012
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It was supposed to brighten up, but the Cas stayed clagged in till dusk.

The transition point at the top of the Zig Zags, not what was planned.

Riders on course in Coire Cas.

Hitting a Roller in Coire Cas.

Lifties required, short asses need not apply!

Uptrack not expected to last the night - maybe a miracle?

Start gate, 5 at a time instead of planned 10 due to narrow course.

Looking down the opening berms of the course.

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Through the afternoon it become steadily brighter in the Strath, but CairnGorm was firmly in the grip of the clag that spread further East and proved more stubborn than forecast - eventually relinquishing it's grip on Coire Cas shortly before dusk after today's RedBull 50/50 event was done.

The weather it seems is truly intent to crap on us from every angle just now.

These are just a few shots from the 10% part that was on snow, held on Coire Cas from the top of the T-bar to top of the Gunbarrel. The very poor visibility limited the photos.

Better overhead and lighter winds are expected for the next few days, so there is in effect a rider cross course to play on with several berms, rollers and kickers on Coire Cas. You will probably have to hike as the Cas uptrack is not expected to stay complete, but if the suggested really good weather does arrive with little thawing - maybe just maybe!

Despite the very limited cover it would be a fun wee course to spend a few hours lapping in the Sun. Given the forecast trends, that is really the best we can hope for.
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