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pix from the slopes // glencoe
Glencoe // Wednesday 14th March 2012
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Spring Run and the top portion of the Flypaper visible from the foot of the Plateau Rope Tow.

Putting some turns in down the Main Basin.

Tracks in the Main Basin.

The problem...

LOoking up to the top of the Wall and Main Basin.

In the Haggis Trap, still flat through it!

Cliffhanger Chair and the Wall beyond.

Uploading these photos infront of a roaring wood burner in the Glencoe Hotel!

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A selection of pictures from Glencoe on Wednesday, sadly missed the sunny spells while doing some work on the webcams and weather stations!

Loose fast granular spring snow that was smooth and fantastic to ski and the Main Basin is still in good shape with a decent depth of snow despite looking quite narrow in parts. The Haggis Trap remains barely recognisable, no plunge in and no air out, just a continuation of the flat smooth spring snow.

Sadly the same can not be said of even the Main Basin uptrack, the T-bar track is more bare than complete and there is virtually no snow left on the Wall T-bar. The Wall itself is 2/3rds complete and skiable from just below the top to the bottom with some creative use of the steep grass at the bottom where there are a couple of breaks.

Spring Run remains skiable and the Flypaper is complete and there is plenty snow on the East Ridge area including Ballies Gully. Sadly time did not allow for another lap to check out the steeper upper mountain runs first hand, but look out for some photos in the Glencoe weekly update.

The Access Chair is open daily weather permitting along with Cafe Ossian in the Log Cabin at the base of the Access.

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