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pix from the slopes // glencoe
Glencoe // Sunday 25th March 2012
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Coe Cup overall winner Peter MacKenzie launches off the Flypaper Buttress.

Dropping into Baillies Gully.

Peter MacKenzie prepares for launch on the Flypaper.

That's the Coe Cup for 2012, competitors and spectators prepare for the walk down.

Top of the Flypaper.

Coe Cup.

Tight and steep line.

Coe Cup.

Buttress Rock.

Buttress Rock.

Spectators checking out the vantage points.

Coe Cup.

The uplift was slow and primitive!

Here comes Ski Patrol.


The run out was a tad short!

Spectating / Sunbathing at the foot of the huge ampitheatre that is the Flypaper.

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Saturday and Sunday saw the inaugural Coe Cup go ahead after a postponement early March due to weather / snow conditions.

Saturday saw the formal categorized competition runs, but with the ante being upped and a few spectacular near misses the decision was taken to turn Sunday into an informal freeride jam session.

Beautiful weather for watching, Sunday claimed the hottest March day on record in Scotland with 23°c/74°f recorded in Aberdeenshire and 20°c exceeded on Rannoch Moor, it was not so great for climbing back up! Though there is good spring snow on the Flypaper and the Main Basin is still complete the uptracks are sadly almost devoid of snow.

Full results and some spectacular photos taken on Saturday from a top the Flypaper Buttress check out the Glencoe Facebook page.
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