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pix from the slopes // the lecht
The Lecht // Wednesday 4th April 2012
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Snowy Owl is skiable, but scoured at the top - Grouse Runs better.

The mid section of the Eagle was in great shape, access via Grouse.

Eagle uptrack pisted, a possibility for later in the week.

Sun shines on the Buzzard from the Eagle.

Daylodge from bottom of Grouse Poma.

Heading out Skiers right of the Grouse.

Skiers left of the Grouse Poma.

Grouse Poma open as well as Buzzard.

Buzzard runs are full width, off piste a plenty if you have wide plank(s).

Top of the Buzzard Poma.

Heading down the Buzzard Return for some lunch.

Nursery slopes are in good condition. All beginner lifts open.

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Wednesday saw a mix of bright and sunny spells and occasional snow showers as the Lecht restarted the 2012 season with the first lift served sliding since February.

The Buzzard side has almost total cover with full width of machine packed fresh snow between the fences. Though thin in bits was skiing well through the day. Those on boards or with wide float skis were able to get offpiste lines across the entire Buzzard side of the hill.

The Grouse Poma joined the action later and both Grouse runs are complete, though narrow in places. For a longer run the top link to the top of the Eagle Poma is in good shape and allows the top half of the Eagle to be skied off the Grouse Poma via the lower link back below the Osprey Poma.

Eagle Poma track was pisted later in the day and it might be a possiblity later in the week.

Beginner area has full width cover and all beginner lifts are open.

As someone asked the question yesterday, the Lecht cafe does have public wifi.
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