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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Thursday 5th April 2012
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Heading for home, skiable to the Daylodge with care.

Helen on the M1 Poma. Last Sunday's legwork wasn't required to claim month 30!

Lower 105 approaching M1 Poma, some scrapped bits, but best way down.

Ciste Fairway is in decent shape, but thick mist made photos pointless today.

Only queue for the day, a few people waiting for the West Wall Poma.

Bottom of the M1 Poma, take heed, esp any short male snowboarders!

Upper Cas reasonable snow and a few rollers just above the tow track crossover.

Pondering the next moving having dropped off the upper 105.

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Mist clinged to the upper mountain in the afternoon, limiting photos from the top where the best conditions are to be found on the Ciste Fairway which is being served by the West Wall Poma. If you keep within the markers the Fairway has pretty good cover given it was bare ground at the start of the week.

The Funicular was mid stopping and this is the recommended way back up for boarders and smaller children who will struggle with the lack of depth and uneven uptrack on the M1 Poma. Funicular was running to a 15min schedule on Thursday.

The M1 RaceTrack is pisted, 2 machine widths on the upper section and 1 machine wide below Horizon Road. The very bottom section approaching the foot of the Poma is a patchy but passable if you take it slowly.

A longer and thus less steep route to the middle is via the Traverse, but don't use the upper section of the 105, instead carry on a short distance past the corner onto the 105 then pick a line and traverse over to the Cas T-bar.

On the top of the Upper Cas there is a series of now rather mellow rollers left from the RedBull 50/50 in early March. Stick to the shallow gully till the point where the hill road crosses the Cas from the 105 over to the tow track. On Thursday the best option from here was to cut right upslope back onto the 105 and ski the lower 105 all the way into the M1 queuing area. No queues today - it was always straight on!

The White Lady and East Lady were both seeing action, the East Lady was either great fun or bloody awful depending if you had enough float to stay ontop of the soft baseless snow!

Up top and on the Traverse/Cas/105 and M1 the snow is now consolidating and this means on the more skied parts of the mid mountain it's now easier to spot the rocks. Snow softened this afternoon, then started to firm up later in the day so may well be skiing better on Friday as a result.

If you bring your rockhoppers you can explore the mid mountain and Carpark Runs, if your on better kit, go very carefully or stick to the Fairway! Never the less, we are skiing again, so get up and play while you can.
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