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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Saturday 7th April 2012
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Upper Cas. Traverse and top half of Cas have snow, just narrow ribbons below top of Gunbarrel.

Boarders on the Ciste Fairway.

Snow banked up to some depth on East side of burn in the Ciste Bowl.

Ptarmigan Tow, plenty snow on the East side, but bowl needs more snow, tow track not far off.

Hitting a box at the top of the Fairway.

Flat-down box.

Going up the WWP, snow drifted into skiers right of Fairway.

RAF Seaking landing at Inverdruie, not sure why.

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Good firm packed snow on the Ciste Fairway give decent enough turns on Saturday, after an overnight frost followed the mild damp Friday afternoon. Just a shame there wasn't more of it!

Uplift is being provided by the West Wall Poma and on Saturday it was best to stick to the Fairway. There are 3 boxes out in a mini park by the top of the West Wall Poma. A short flat novice box can be hit from the Poma get off, the other 2 (wide dancefloor and flat-down) are between the top of the Poma and the track from the Ptarmigan Restaurant to the Fairway.

The far side of the Ciste Bowl looked inviting and this area along with the skiers right of the Ptarmigan Tow has quite deep drifts, but having not been pisted or skied on, it was grade 1 breakable crust! Saw quite a few try it and none of the descents were exactly elegant, but it's snow and it means there is a base beginning to form in the Top Basin and with more snow forecast next week hopefully the milder spell tonight and Sunday wont do too much further damage.

Best of the weather was on Saturday morning till early afternoon, then drizzle set in, heavier burst of rain for a while. Looks like Sunday might not be to bad a day from mid morning, but check the latest report in the morning as the FL will be just above the tops overnight, meaning a slow thaw.
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