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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 16th April 2012
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Skier tracked snow at the top of the Traverse. Traverse pisted from M1 split.

M1 RaceTrack has good snow, best to exit to 105 lower down. Beware of rocks lurking!

105 is good till here, just not quite enough depth below this point - could change overnight.

Fresh tracks on the uppermost reaches of the East Wall, from the Ciste Tow.

Hitting one of 3 boxes in the mini-park at the top of the Ciste Fairway.

Fantastic powdery snow to skiers left of the West Wall Poma. Southerly tail wind made this great fun.

Mini rider cross with a series of rollers and shallow berms outside the Ptarmigan Traverse.

Wide flat box on the Ciste Fairway.

Outstanding views to the North from the Ptarmigan viewing terrace today.

High above the Ciste Bowl in search of fresh tracks.

Looking up to the Ptarmigan Traverse from top of the Ciste Tow.

Ciste Bowl is ride anywhere (except the burn), lots of natural variation in terrain.

Wide cover in the Ptarmigan Bowl.

Top of the Ptarmigan Tow, majority were heading out the Ptarmigan Ridge.

Skier tracked windblown powder on the Coronation Wall.

Skidoo outside the Ptarmigan Restaurant.

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Monday was a beautiful day on CairnGorm Mountain with pretty much unbroken Sunshine all day, a gentle Southerly tail wind on the trails and even with the bright Sun the snow stayed perfect.

The main action was taking place in the Top Basin where all runs were open, but with the snow having to date fallen with little drifting the upper mountain was basically ride anywhere - though you need to keep your eyes peeled for the rocks that are inevitably lurking without a deep established base.

The Ptarmigan Ridge and upper most reaches of the East Wall were seeing a constant stream of people heading out to get some off piste tracks. The Fairway and Ptarmigan Bowl are well pisted and the Fairway is now basically fence to fence with machine and skier packed powder.

There are 3 boxes at the top of the Ciste Fairway, suitable for park novices upwards. There is also a series of rollers along the skiers left of the Ptarmigan Traverse fences.

Mid mountain there are some fantastic turns to be had, but unfortunately the snow just about runs out just short of the M1 Poma - but this could change overnight. Indeed Monday's report will be historical information by Tuesday morning and hopefully the mountain will have changed for the better.

The M1 to Horizon Road, the White Lady to just below the elephant fences and the upper reaches of the East Lady and the fantastic Coronation Wall were all offering freshies - but there are rocks lurking. Top two legs of the Zig Zags are passable with care.

It would not take much more snow if it sticks in the right places to get a pisted route open to the mid station and get the mid-mountain formally open with uplift. Fingers crossed tonight's storm brings the necessary snow.
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