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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 23rd April 2012
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Looking down the Traverse to the Upper Cas.

Untouched corduroy for the last run on the M1 RaceTrack to end the day.

Top Zig Zag is fine, but some walking required thereafter.

Colin the lifty on the Ptarmigan Tow!

Brighter interlude at the top of the Ptarmigan Tow.

Checking out the Polar Express.

Ciste Fairway is fence to fence, light covering of fresh on a pisted base.

Snowing! Visibility actually improved when the snow got heavier.

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More mist and low cloud and fewer Sunny Spells than Sunday, but the beefy snow showers put down another inch or so of fresh by the time the Ptarmigan Tow opened at lunchtime. A band of precipitation is due to reach late this evening with the heaviest mountain snow and strongest winds expected through the early hours of Tuesday for the Northern Cairngorms.

There could be significant further accumulations on at least the top half of the mountain this week, the Northern Cairngorms looking best placed for catching the biggest falls with much of the precipitation coming in from the NE - but it could be a bit hit or miss where will get the heaviest bursts.

All Top Basin runs are in good shape, the Fairway is now basically fence to fence and provides a longer green for those advancing beyond the Ptarmigan Bowl. The Polar Express Trainer Tow is providing a gentle introduction to the tows for novices in the Ptarmigan Bowl. Ciste Bowl was rather choppy earlier, but the snow showers and slight drifting smoothed it out later in the day.

On Monday there was no uplift for the mid-mountain, but this is under review and the Funicular may mid-stop on Tuesday. The upper M1, Horizon Road the top Zig Zag were pisted, providing sweet end of day corduroy turns for those who choose to ski out to the snow line and walk down from mid-station.

The top 2/3rds of the Cas side mid mountain runs have good cover, but the last 200ft of vertical approaching the mid-station sees the cover almost run out. More wind with the snow forecast mid-week might improve the lower Lady and M1.

See Sunday's pix for lots more photos from around the mountain (and better visibility to see what's what).
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