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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Friday 27th April 2012
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Catching the Funicular at the mid station is ski to the gate!

Absolutely belting down with snow at the bottom of Coire Cas.

It's been snowing this week.

No walking to get onto the M1 Poma this weekend - full cover into queuing area.

M1 Poma doing it's thing on Friday afternoon - where are the snow fences?

Half buried elephant fence on the White Lady - will be fantastic when the visibility improves.

The Ptarmigan from the top of the Ciste Tow. Top Basin in best condition of the Season.

Approaching the top of the 105 on the Traverse - Upper Cas in superb shape light fluffy powdery snow.

The Zig Zags are fully complete into the Cas and mid platform loading areas, without help from this fellow.

Heading for home by the Carpark Run at the end of the day.

Top to Bottom is possible with care, not skied across the Daylodge bridge many days this season.

Finishing touches to a snowman outside the Base Station.

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Heavy snowfall was relentless on CairnGorm Mountain on Friday, as it was on Thursday and Wednesday. Another 6inches plus of fresh has fallen on CairnGorm during Friday - from accumulated radar returns and the depth in the Top Basin it looks as if 3ft plus, that's over a metre of new snow has fallen on the Upper Mountain this week.

The fact the snow was relentless meant visibility was often limited, but the under ski conditions were sublime. The Top Basin is simply the best it's been all season, the same can be said for much of the Cas mid-mountain runs - certainly the best its been since mid December, and more extensive cover which is pretty much ride anywhere above about 2800ft.

Visibility limited exploring options somewhat, but the area between the M1, Traverse and Horizon Road was fabulous. Near the fences and terrain features there are some sizeable drifts and windlips that will be great fun in the promised good visibility that is forecast for the weekend. Just watch the Fiacaill area onto the top Zig Zag there is a 8ft drop in places the way the snow is banked out!

All Cas side mid-mountain runs are skiable including out the Fiacaill Traverse. The East Lady should be superb given the area below the Traverse, but be careful above the Traverse as further out onto Coronation Wall and the Headwall have a high avalanche risk. Demand/staff permitting the Coire Cas Tow can run, potentially from the bottom as the uptrack is complete.

Full length of the Zig Zags are complete with a now decent cover so a gentle route from top to middle is on offer.

With a fine and settled forecast after a week of snow it shaping up for the weekend of the season. Do not miss it. Get up and play while you can. It's possible to ski to the Daylodge with care giving the full 1650ft vertical on the Cas side.
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