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pix from the slopes // cairngorm mountain
CairnGorm Mountain // Monday 7th May 2012
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White Lady is wide top half, then narrows, but was fun with softer snow in the narrows on Monday.

Dancefloor box and rail in the Terrain Park on the Ciste Fairway.

Heading for the M1 Poma via Chicken Gully.

Ciste Tow during the afternoon snow. Snow showers continued this evening.

Coire Cas doing it's thing in the afternoon snow.

Fiacaill had superb spring snow. Short walk needed to regain M1 Poma. Boulderfield could be lapped off Cas T-bar.

Traverse in fantastic shape. Some fantastic snow between it, M1 and the 105 on Monday.

Going up Coire Cas before the snow showers got going in the afternoon.

Nessie Rollers on the Fiacaill Traverse, you can get back to the Cas Tow from these through the Boulderfield.

Full width upper M1 RaceTrack, firm grippy base with a layer of loose on top. Good to timing hut, then very narrow.

Funicular exits the tunnel into the first snow shower at Monday lunchtime.

Polar Express Trainer Tow, great for getting to grips with going up (as well as down).

Route of the East Wall side of the Ciste Bowl has been improved across the stream, best snow is to skiers right of the stream.

Looking towards the Summit from the Ciste Bowl. Fresh snow was drifting in here all afternoon.

A modest queue on the Ptarmigan Tow. Top tows fairly stready, but no real waiting.

Top Basin and the Ptarmigan Ridge in great shape at the end of the first week of May.

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It turned out to be a cracker of a holiday Monday, providing you didn't come dressed for summer. A fine and bright start, but winter returned for the afternoon. Not just weather variety, but a fair number of snow types too!

Taking a single run from the top of the Ptarmigan Tow via the Ptarmigan Ridge there was a lovely layer of fresh on a groomed firm base down towards the T-bar. Heading across the bowl and over the Ciste Tow to Lady Luck, revealed smooth windblown fresh on a spring snow base (East Lady was good), then onto a firm groomer on the upper White Lady before loosening up to nice granular spring snow on the lower half of the Lady.

The groomed line on Coronation Wall was seeing quite a bit of action, but the flat light put people off in the afternoon. Follow the black markers from the top of the Ptarmigan Tow.

Some more out of the way stashes of good snow was between the Traverse, M1 and 105, fresh on loose spring snow. The Cas Boulderfield had a mix of spring snow and windblown fresh and was lots of fun, esp if you took in the Nessie Rollers on the Fiaciall Traverse on route. The Boulderfield area can be lapped off the Cas Tow, but the fenced Fiacaill Run had superb spring snow - well worth the short walk to get back to the M1 Poma.

There is plenty on offer for all ability levels on CairnGorm, from first timers in the gentle heart of the Ptarmigan Bowl, longer greens for early intermediates off the Top T-bars, through to more advanced terrain such as the Lady and M1, and the steeps of Coronation Wall and the Headwall. (These areas may well loadup with windslab tonight - check with patrol about avalanche risk).

CairnGorm is open daily, get up and play while you can.
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